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Welcome to MTH Communications’ Active Listening 101.

Robin Hathaway has designed the first of Robin Hathaway Online Courses as an introduction to one of the most important functions we have as human beings: Communication, and in particular, Active Listening.

Coined in the late 1950’s by pioneering psychologists, ‘Active Listening’ is at the heart of expert communication skills. Practicing Active Listening can lead to more positive and productive outcomes at home, in the workplace, and in business and personal relationships of all types.

Items covered in this course include:

  • Identifying and addressing our communication shortcomings
  • Emotional Intelligence and it’s first component, Self-Awareness
  • Cultural differences in communication
  • And much more

Disclaimer: This online course is for informational purposes only and not intended to certify, accredit, or validate any individual or entity, is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental illness, or rectify relational conflicts of any kind.

Active Listening 101

Workshops at Your Place of Business

Robin also provides a more in-depth version of this course as a workshop at your place of business as part of your professional development initiatives. Workshops include interactive activities and can be customized and tailored for:
  • Sales Executives/Account Managers
  • Production Management/Supervisory Staff
  • Team/Department Projects
  • Average length 60-75 minutes

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